A Good Discovery Call Leads to Success

The most important component in a new customer relationship is the “discovery call.” This is my opportunity to meet the customer, in person or online, for the first time.

Certainly, we will talk about your project right away, but first, we cannot ignore the emotional connection. It will lay the foundation for the rest of this process. A trusted advisor once said, “People want to work with people like them,” so I listen way more than I talk, absorbing not just the information but the tone of the caller. Are they casual and confident, or desperate for answers? I ask good questions to instill confidence and guide the call down a path of discovery—for both of us.

Sometimes the client is so wrapped up in their project, excited to have simply found someone who “understands,” that like a horse out of the gate, they can’t help but explode with information. In this case, we may have to jump right in and sink or swim.

We see projects presented in different stages of development. One call may involve just an idea that needs to be flushed out completely while others demonstrate a project has a good solid design and theme and the caller can present drawings and refer to examples and so on.

This discovery call is where, as the new business representative, I determine if the project being presented meets the needs of Performance Solutions from a business sense, but more importantly, whether it advances the needs of the customer. This all takes place in the first few minutes of the conversation.

Our experience tells us that we typically exceed the expectations of our customers, so it is in my best interest to provide a great customer experience because they will come back with more business, and that’s important to us—the long-term customer experience.

We must be able to communicate clearly so the client can utilize the information they get from us and we can utilize the information we get from them.

One of the things we pride ourselves on is our ability to respond to the client immediately. I want to be that voice on the other end of the phone who leaves you confident we can get your job done. Once we have established a good foundation, we can move forward with the design, development, and delivery stages of a product.

At Performance Solutions, we have a dedicated team that is here to help guide your discovery calls to success. To find out how we can help you, use our contact form on our webpage.