Our Experiences in the Digital World

“We build cool things well” isn’t just a catchphrase. It speaks volumes to our experiences working together with the digital world. Over the 30-year history of our company, we’ve seen steady growth in our customer base, looking for answers to production challenges in this market.

Ubisoft is a respected industry leader known for transforming ideas into fantastical worlds by pushing the boundaries of technology. Some of their most famous games include Mario + Rabbids and Assassin’s Creed. In this instance, Performance Solutions fabricated a custom motorized platform for the actors to perform on, simulating the motion of a ship rocking at sea in a storm, giving the animators a more accurate environment to work from.

Another great example—and one of our finest accomplishments—is Sony’s Star Wars
Battlefront for PlayStation. Initially presented as a basic commercial, we were soon creating winter effects, fly rigging effects, and huge pyrotechnic events. We were brought in to enhance the visuals in this extraordinary virtual world. Never did we think we’d ever find ourselves standing in front of 60 stormtroopers with a burning TIE fighter in the background—that we built! It was surreal and amazing!

Another trend that’s exploding across the entertainment world right now are “immersive” experiences. You are probably familiar with the likes of the Van Gogh exhibit or Queens’s digital show. This type of genre is a great example of how technology is uniting with the physical world to create the ultimate experiential encounter.

Our most recent build for this genre is for a company called Arts District. They present an audio experience called Flight, promoted as a “thrilling exploration that takes travelers on a terrifying audio journey through an in-flight collision. Experience a life-changing flight getting immersed in striking sets, binaural 360-degree sensory effects, and near-total darkness, all without ever leaving the ground.”

Performance Solutions was engaged to create the entire physical environment, including outfitting the interior of a 40-foot shipping container that simulates the interior of a jet airplane. Employing a combination of audio and visual effects, the 40-minute experience sends the passengers on a hair-raising audio-visual experience guaranteed to make you take a boat the next time you travel. It’s a thrilling and popular ride.

In the world of TV, we now find ourselves shooting against 8K video walls, 20-ft tall and 60-ft long, turning the studio instantly into any location in the universe.

What we love most about working in the digital world is we are given the luxury of time to work as long as we need in order to bring something realistically to life. It’s all about the care and finesse of the art to deliver the best product to the client.

We have a dedicated team of artists, craftspeople, and visionaries who support feature films, television series, and live public events. And we are always looking forward to the next digital experience.