Our Toy Box


Our talented design team is well versed various CAD programs. They can take your idea and design it to make it a reality.

CNC Hot Wire Cutter

We can carve out nearly any shape, allowing us to produce large foam props.

4 Axis CNC Foam Carving Router

We can carve out nearly any shape, allowing us to produce large foam props.

3D Printing

Whether you have a ready to print .STL file or sketch on a napkin, Performance Solutions printing service has a solution to fit your needs.

Wood Fabrication

Our experienced craftsmen are integral to our team. They are gifted in creating the sets and props that will be used in marketing installations, movies and etc.

Paint Shop

With a large paint shop and talented painters we are capable of creating any desired look.

Metal Fabrication

Our metal fabricators enjoy large and unique projects. They can often be found building large frames and intricate architectural designs.

Mold Making

We have talented mold makers that can create a mold of anything. Need a mold of a car or a piece of furniture-they are eager artists ready to take on any challenge.

CNC Plasma Cutter

Our plasma cutter gives us the ability to cut any shape of steel with speed and to great quality.

Spray Urethane

Our spray urethane system provides the ability to hard coat foam structures. That coat helps protect the foam as well as giving it the appropriate finish.

CNC Routing

We offer our CNC Routing, CAD, CAM and fabrication experience. You can rely on the professional services we provide across a range of sheet materials.


When the project calls for it, we work with engineers and can produce drawings that are sealed and certified.